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Introducing Progur

Progurt formulates Probiotic Sachets, the most advanced probiotic in the world, along with Chloride, Prebiotic's, Enzymes & Immune Proteins. Progurt Probiotic Sachets are the most powerful probiotic with 1 trillion CFU of beneficial Human Probiotic Isolates. Beneficial, colonising, non-transient strains of human probiotic bacteria. Restore the microbiome you were born with, aid digestive health and re-balance gut flora.

Progurt pouring sachet

"AMAZING... after trying every kind of probiotic available on a market I found, at last, the ONE that works.  I was able to decrease symptoms associated with IBS (like cramping & diarrhea) and increase my tolerance to dairy products."

Galina e.   |  Progurt Probiotic Sachets

Worlds most powerful probiotics- Progurt sachets


What makes Progurt the best!



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