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JHS Maitake

JHS Maitake

JHS Maitake Extract 150 Caps- Practitioner Only


JHS Maitake

How supplied

150 Vcaps
300mg per Vcap

Instructions for use

One to four capsules, twice daily, AM and PM, on an empty stomach.


Tonic Immune Support, Serious Immune Challenges

Clinical Research

All of the published clinical research on Maitake has focused on the immune supporting properties of the polysaccarides.

Toxicity, Cautions, Contraindications

The polysaccharides in Maitake are considered to be safe and nontoxic. However, immuno-modulating substances should be avoided completely in organ transplant patients utilizing immuno-suppressive agents.

Active Constituents

Polysaccharides (1-6. 1-3 linked proteoglycans extracted from the cell walls of the fruit body).

Extraction Information

All of the published research on Maitake and the Maitake Fractions is based on hot-water extracts of the fruit bodies

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