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DHA for Pregnancy & Lactation

Omega-3s for Pregnancy & Lactation

EPA and DHA—the omega-3 essential fatty acids in fish oil—are crucial throughout life, but especially during pregnancy, when a woman's demand for DHA in particular increases substantially. DHA comprises approximately 20% of the fatty acid in the brain's cerebral cortex. That's why DHA is among the most important nutrients for pregnant and lactating women. The DHA consumed by expectant moms sets the foundation for her baby's developing brain, eyes, and nervous system. DHA also provides mood and nerve support for new mothers in the weeks following their baby's birth. Omega–3 fish oil is a safe, pure, and effective way to promote the health of both moms and babies, and is endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.*

The research-backed benefits of fish oil include:

• Promotes the healthy development of the fetal brain, eyes, nervous system*

• Promotes positive mood and well-being for mothers*

• Supports healthy birth weight and gestational length*

• Promotes attention and focus in infants and children*

• Supports healthy immune system development*

• Is natural and safe for long-term use

Omega-3s for Kids

Among the many beneficiaries of omega–3 nutrition, children have the most to gain from these essential fats. From prenatal babies to adolescents, children rely heavily on EPA and DHA for visual, brain and immune system development and for normal emotional and cognitive function.* Much of this has to do with the rapid growth of the brain in childhood. Essential fatty acids have been shown to positively impact children in a whole host of ways. Unfortunately, recent research has also shown that only 22% of children get adequate amounts of these essential fatty acids. Along with a healthy diet that includes fish and fresh green leafy vegetables, supplementing with a premium fish oil product is the best way to ensure that families begin to reverse this trend.

Research finds that:

• Omega–3 consumption in pregnancy may reduce the risk of allergies in children*

• Omega–3 consumption in pregnancy may reduce the risk of colds in infants*

• Omega–3 consumption may support learning*

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Information in this article is direct from and belongs to Nordic Naturals.

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